An Overview of the NASTAD Organization

What is NASTAD?

The National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors (NASTAD) was originally established to promote and achieve an effective national apprenticeship system. The association accomplishes this by providing a forum for states and territories who each have their own state apprenticeship law with which to govern Registered Apprenticeship training programs within their respective jurisdictions. Since its inception, NASTAD has served its goal well in providing information, sharing ideas and providing support in problem solving to its members. As an association which represents the majority of Registered Apprenticeship in the United States, it has willingly accepted its rightful place close to the pulse of apprenticeship nationwide and has sought to serve well its member states and territories in providing the support and assistance necessary in the execution of successful state managed apprenticeship.

Each member of NASTAD recognizes the need:

  • To work together in the adoption of uniform systems for the continuous improvement in the training and welfare of apprentices;
  • To bring into existence cooperative relationships among employers and labor not only in industries where Registered Apprenticeship exists but also into new industries where Registered Apprenticeship can expand;
  • To promote Registered Apprenticeship and its expansion as an economic asset to the nation and to all who participate;
  • To work as an equal partner with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services to achieve stability and recognition of the Registered Apprenticeship model; and
  • To maintain the most comprehensive brain trust on Registered Apprenticeship issues and to make available to its members the benefits of this wide range of expertise.

    Member states and territories are each recognized by the United States Secretary of Labor as the official apprenticeship agency for federal apprenticeship purposes and serve as the registration agency for apprentices and programs. This recognition is detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Part 29.


    Shortly after World War II, a group of state apprenticeship directors met to discuss common problems encountered in the administration of their respective apprenticeship training programs. Included in the meetings were representatives of the federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and the Veterans Administration. These initial meetings made it apparent that key issues discussed proved to be of extreme importance to all concerned. These first state apprenticeship directors, in realizing their mutual concerns, also realized that they could benefit greatly from each other's experiences. It was decided that all state apprenticeship directors across the nation would be invited to come together to address matters of importance in apprenticeship. Since then, NASTAD has successfully met in national conferencing and has carried forward this goal of professional interaction for over the last half century. In recognition of the impact on the national apprenticeship system made by the association, the President of NASTAD holds a seat on the national Apprenticeship Advisory Committee chartered by the President of the United States.


    The National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors is guided by a constitution which is kept current by action of the membership. Each year, state apprenticeship directors remain as members of the association in good standing through the payment of association dues. State apprenticeship directors interested in joining the association will find information at the end of this chapter.

    Every two years, the NASTAD membership elects an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two members-at-large. The board is further supported by the immediate Past President who serves in an ex-officio capacity. During NASTAD's annual conference, the Executive Board manages the agenda and forms appropriate committees to perform the necessary functions of a national association. During the year, the association's business is conducted by its Executive Board.

    NASTAD holds at least one annual national conference held in a member state or territory selected by vote of the member states in attendance. It is at this national conference that apprenticeship directors from around the nation come together to problem solve, share innovative ideas to the Registered Apprenticeship model as well as to bring the association up to date on each state's activities. The sharing and support continues long after the conference has adjourned as apprenticeship directors continue to interact beyond this annual reaffirmation of friendship and professional common ground.



       Mike Donta, Kentucky

    Vice President

         Patrick Reardon, Ohio


        Katrina Vigil, New Mexico


        Kathryn Castelloes, North Carolina


       Karen Morgan, Wisconsin


     Todd Berch, Connecticut


    Clearly, the National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors strives to make the public aware of the significance of Registered Apprenticeship in the nation's formula for workforce development. It has long been realized that, as the members continue to commit their share of support to the most significant apprenticeship organization in our country, NASTAD is truly an association of mutual advantage and benefit. Membership in NASTAD carries with it prestige, recognition and a sense of contribution.


    Becoming a part of this prestigious association is simple. Contact the Treasurer of the association for easy application instructions. Contact information is found in the "Members" chapter of this website. Your contact is Loretta Shelley, Program Manager Kansas Department of Commerce Apprenticeship Program. Annual dues are $500.00 and are usually paid by the apprenticeship director's agency. By keeping its dues current, each member state retains its voting privileges and enjoys constant contact within the organization for important apprenticeship updates and peer assistance.

    At the annual conference, you are afforded the opportunity to hear how your fellow states administer their Registered Apprenticeship, obtain information about issues and initiatives which effect us all in Registered Apprenticeship, hear from and talk with state and federal officials about your concerns for a better apprenticeship, participate in providing valuable information about your own state via the "State Reports" portion of the agenda as well as socially interact with your apprenticeship colleagues who share the same concerns and support the same ideals as you. You are encouraged to call, write or email to find out how you can be part of the national apprenticeship system.



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